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Yes4All 80 Pound Aqua Training Exercise Weight Bag

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  • Type: Weight Bag
  • Brand Name: DZQ
  • Origin: Mainland China

SHAKE UP YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE WITH YES4ALL AQUA BAG: By battling and stabilizing the shifting water throughout various movements, known as dynamic resistance, you can expect to get a plethora of fitness benefits. Training with Workout Aqua Bags can also help increase the utilization of core muscles and strengthen torso and hips, which helps in both your daily life and athletic performance. Yes4All Workout Aqua Bag allows you to build your own workouts with countless other pre-existing training exercises, from very basic to more functional.

HIGH-GRADE PVC WORKOUT AQUA BAG: Yes4All Fitness Weight Bag is extremely durable and waterproof for easy cleaning – ideal for outdoor and boot camp style training. Made of high-quality PVC material with strong stitching, the Workout Aqua Bag is durable to use for years. The Fitness Weight Bag is lightweight & portable, you can throw it into a suitcase and fill it up when you arrive at your destination. Further equipped with comfortable handles, our aqua bags offer greater opportunities for even more various workout moves like Lunges, Deadlifts, Squats, Burpees, Snatches, Spiders, Overhead Presses, Hammer Curls and many more.


  • Two sizes available: 45lbs (Clear Color) & 80lbs (Dark blue Color)
  • Product’s weight: 2.68lbs (Aqua Bag 45lbs), 3.09lbs (Aqua Bag 80lbs)
  • Air pump included Material: PVC
  • TOUGH MATERIALS COME FROM AN ADVANCED METHOD OF PRODUCTION: Our manufacturing process assembles parts made from high quality materials to make sure there is no water or air leaking in the aqua water bag during its lifetime.
  • CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH THIS UNTRADITIONAL WATER-FILLED PRODUCT: The water combined with air inside creates instability in the weight itself making the Aqua bag even more difficult to control, which requires all muscles’ works to keep one’s balance.
  • ALTERING HEAVY WEIGHT BECOMES EASY WITH JUST WATER: Weight changing is not a problem anymore. You don’t need sand, small sand bags or any substances other than water, which can be found almost anywhere.
  • MULTIPLE STURDY HANDLES ALLOW A RELIABLE GRIP FOR MANY TRAINING OPTIONS: 4 Handles to perform correct movement and ensure you have a firm but comfortable grip. These handles assist you in doing various exercises will help increasing strength and endurance.
  • MORE VERSATILE AND MORE SECURE: The aqua bag has a soft outside to lessen the force it may have when touching your body, it hence reduces damages from injuries during workout.


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